For most of the above applications, a pilot study will need to be performed to determine the demand for ozone. Nutech-O3 offers affordable leasing programs for use in short, and long term treatment studies and installations.

Air Pollution Control (Odor Control)
Aquaculture/Fish Farms (Disinfecting)
Bleaching (Paper & Pulp)
Bottled Water / Beverage Industry (Bottle & Can Sterilization/Process uses)
COD/BOD Reduction (Water & Wastewater)
Cold Storage Facilities (Cooling Towers)
Color Removal (Drinking / Wastewater)
Commercial Car Wash Operations (Water & Wastewater)
Containers and Food Storage Tank Wash Down (Sterilization)
Cooling Tower Treatment (Biofouling control)
Cyanide Destruction (Wastewater)
Disinfecting (Water & Wastewater)
Drinking Water (Pre / Post treatment)
Dye Removal (Reuse)
Food Processing / Sterilization / Fruit Washing (Water & Wastewater)
Heavy Metals Reduction (Wastewater)

Inactivation of Cryptosporidium and Giardia Cysts (Drinking water)
Landscape Architecture (Fountains, Mirror Ponds, Waterfall Biofouling control)
Laundry Water Conservation for Commercial Operations (Chlorine replacement, Low Temperature Washing)
Medical Applications (Equipment Sterilization)
Micro Flocculation of Suspended Solids (Chemical Alternative)
Odor Removal, Control and Elimination (Water & Air)
Organic Oxidation (Water & Wastewater)
Pesticide Removal (Water & Wastewater)
Pharmaceutical Industry (Process & Ultra purity)
Swimming Pools and Spas (Chemical Alternative)
Textile Processes (Dye removal)
Turbidity (Water Clarity – Water & Wastewater)
Ultrapure/DI Water (Disinfection )
Wastewater Treatment (Disinfection)
Water Reuse Applications (Disinfecting & Chemical reduction)
Zoos and Public Aquariums (Disinfection )