Nutech-O3 SCX-90 System

A Self-Contained Ozone Generator with a built in Oxygen Concentrator & Closed-Loop Liquid Cooling System, With Dual Low Frequency Power Supplies

Nutech-O3 EM-45 System

A Self-Contained Ozone Module designed for flexibility and expandability. These independently wired modules can be stacked together for greater ozone outputs and are not supplied with Oxygen and Cooling water systems to allow for custom hard piping, into existing system schemes.

Nutech-O3 SC-10 System

Nutech O3 is proud to announce the latest addition to it’s line of Ozone Generating systems. The Model: SC-10 is a compact Self-Contained Ozone Generator with an ozone output of up to 10 grams/ hr @ 3 -4 % concentration. This vertically oriented Generator uses one electrode assembly (same as used in the SCX and EM models) to generate ozone. The unit unit is equipped with an Oxygen enrichment system, driven by it’s internal compressor. The SC-10’s are not supplied with a cooling water system, but can be cooled with a relatively small (1/8 gpm) cooling water flow. Unit is very easily custom hard piped into existing system schemes. This small output generator is perfectly suited for pilot studies or small water treatment installations.