Mankind has been trying to apply ozone to everyday purposes since its discovery in 1785. As with any other unexploited resource, we have only begun to scratch the surface as to the number of applications that exist – kind of like the computer in the 1970’s.


Nutech O3, Inc. is dedicated to helping our customers expand the use of Ozone into areas that are logical and apply Ozone in areas that are known to benefit from Ozone treatment.

We offer PATENTED State-Of-The-Art equipment that is easy to use and durable for long-term use.

We offer a level of support that is second to none in this industry. This includes complete access to Nutech’s Senior Scientific Advisor, Dr. William J. Cooper, Chairman of the Department of chemistry at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.

Dr. Cooper is a world renowned expert in the field of ozone chemistry (See Dr. Cooper’s qualifications).

We partner with SERIOUS organizations that are trying to determine a solution, trying to quantify a need, trying to establish a product, or trying to define a market.

Please take a moment and get to know us. We are here to assist you. Your comments, concerns, and questions are welcomed.